career development experience


A supervised work experience relating to an individual’s career area of interest that:

  1. Occurs in a workplace or under other authentic working conditions, including virtual and/or hybrid environments;
  2. Is co-developed by an education provider and at least one employer in the relevant field.
  3. Provides compensation or educational credit to the participant.
  4. Reinforces foundational professional skills, including, at a minimum, those outlined in the Recommended Technical and Essential Employability Competencies framework.
  5. Includes a professional skills assessment that assesses skill development and is utilized as a participant feedback tool.
  6. Takes place for a minimum of 60 total hours. A single career development experience must be a minimum of 30 consecutive hours, and two distinct experiences can be combined to fulfill this requirement.

Career development experiences may include any of the following, provided the experience meets the definitional criteria: internship, school-based enterprise, supervised agricultural experience, workplace learning education, research apprenticeship, remote work for a client or employer, student-led enterprise, or youth apprenticeship. However, a career development experience may not consist solely of technical training by an education provider.