team-based challenges


A group problem-based learning project relating to an individual’s career area of interest that involves a problem relating to employers within that area, including mentoring from adults with expertise in that area, and requires the individual to present the outcomes of the project.

Team-based challenges may be incorporated into the instructional sequence or designated as separate activities. Team-based challenges must include the following components:

  1. An authentic problem or challenge that is identified from or in collaboration with a community or business partner. 
  2. Meaningful interaction with an adult mentor who has related industry expertise and who is not an assigned classroom teacher. 
  3. Demonstration of at least one career pathway-specific technical competency as identified in the College and Career Pathway Endorsements framework. 
  4. Demonstration of at least one cross-sector essential employability competency skill.
  5. Collaboration with groups to solve a problem.
  6. A final product or presentation.1This is new language from ISBE’s proposed CCPE rules.
  • 1
    This is new language from ISBE’s proposed CCPE rules.

The College and Career Pathways Endorsements system identifies seven career areas:

  • Agriculture, food, and natural resources
  • Arts and communications
  • Finance and business services
  • Human and public services
  • Health sciences and technology
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing, engineering, technology, and trades

For a crosswalk of the endorsement areas and their related career clusters, visit isbe.net/pathwayendorsements.